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conservation. the quiet world of d-saving alaska's wilderness now franklin what -- roosevelt and wild america looking have zero fdr helped to get over 2 billion trees planted. t i am writing about the dustf bowl, a kings canyon and ergl many other iconicthis landscapes. >> host: we were chatting before the interview and yououps spent seven hours with neil armstrong? >> i did.w i don't have time to get into detail but i got the official or a history from lik able four 9/11. he did not like talking but an i could take with him and an
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editor of "newsweek" found kenns out so i wrote the piece about neil armstrong. then we celebrated the 50th anniversary of jfk challenging america to go to the moon on the campus that i teach. he said we go there because it is there. we wonder why politicians don't get behind the war on so cancerme or talk about going to mars. we have seen to loss the sense of bigness.oug brin >> host: talking with douglas brinkley with hiseley latest book cronkite. an as always we appreciate you being with us on the tv. >> thank you for all that c-span does.
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>> good evening. the president from new america and security. it is a pleasure to welcome you to the publication of the revenge of geography. i have heard it said yawner a great opera and a reading the book but by buying them. [laughter] if you subscribe you'll be happy to know the books will be sold after the conversation on the stage. bob's work is no doubt well known as a senior fellow march 2008 and is currently chief to political analysts.
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the sense that but the title of the work been the future of american power is required reading with competition in the coming decades. i have learned he is not only a superb turn list minister two fgic finger but a warm and wonderful human being and demonstrates and intellectual kurt -- curiosity rouble decided to read ulysses in our spare time. that is true. [laughter] no he gives us the revenge of geography counterintuitive for instantaneous news is to rediscover something basic.
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this misrepresentation and constraints lead us to the rate source of questions. that is a provocative argument that we will look at today's conversation. with of the nation's poor most tj clinkers and the writing fiction and nonfiction and blood money was the most recent body of work he is known for is keen insight. with these two gentlemen boy raised for the intriguing conversation about the world, the future and the revenge of geography. >> your not supposed to say this but i love the book.
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it is embarrassing hallmark the bid is i am not doing that to flatter but i really liked it. i want to try a to walk the audience through this. with the opening comments to be convinced with time and space then do negative across that allows him to talk about what the distinguished columnist tom friedman has labeled of flat world. instead i will introduce them but i want to start
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with the basics why do mountains, rivers, planes, m atter so decisively? >> with so many opinion writers and literary journals to a epitomized by tom friedman work if only we have the right solution. i am saying that is fine. but what i show you in this book is the other side provide don't disagree but here is another reality. you can never overcome.
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chief among those barriers is geography. rather than see the leaders of the policy leaders look at the map of the united states. the east coast and the 13 colonies is jam packed. fell whole coast of africa has endured africa's development with the east coast is packed. last resource rich part of the temper in zone. part of the enlightenment with a convenient fashion as
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the waterways combine. we are important that only because of our ideas and democracy. the himalayas matter. without doing much with each other through long periods of history. >> to take that image of america this suitable geographical place that was true and did not lead to the development to great civilization.
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to make powerful use of those hopeless to think about why it is geography with cultural aspects. >> due to the right sales to cross the atlantic voyages the development of technology italy made it more precious to open up a new geography on to the world conflict system. coulter and economics flow from geography the accumulated experience of
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specific people over hundreds of thousands of years that leads to traditions that could be identifiable. to have the deeply identifiable coulter is romania a specific coulter has been formed by the conflict from invaders of central europe are those that has fostered a vicious negotiating style character and i can go through every country or many countries to talk about that. >> talk about germany.
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calling germany as a big prison is caught between the north sea and the baltic to expand could only move east or west. that sounds like the kind of analysis that was popular one century ago but is out of fashion. when we think of germany today what is your analysis? >> writing a great history enter the the point* and was it had the natural bounties -- founders to the north of the south with this sees but that east and west
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had more they had wars with france and poland and that area. it was a continental power sandwiched between maritime europe and the heartland on the other. it was always problematic which way it would go. i came across this book by accident early 1989. the berlin wall with all that november i was back in fourth to germany that the dividing line between eastern and western germany was one part of german history to reinvent itself
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in territorial ways. so it trades immensely with poland with the rapprochement from the baltic states where the european union and a dope tried to keep them out now the germans are triumphant. germany may not have the solution to every problem but it is a part of arbitration. the question arises. with russia still meeting buffer zones the collapse of the warsaw pact was not insecurities facing west poles and germans and french
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as a regional power flush with natural gas a poland and with significant stores of shale guest. this is living geography. your argument about russia is that it is too flat to? >> it has half of the world longitude it is flat to the reverse ryan north and south instead of east and west less people than bangladesh. so vladimir putin is the wage and of the deep geographical and security. that is how we should understand him.
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not as a mad man but as a traditional autocratic. >> one is the discussion of the berlin wall. to say it made us to optimistic the human agency the system of democracy would have a transforming power. the fall of the berlin wall rethought because we could get the red army added eastern europe and have day transformative affect that we would be open for democracy.
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it would be bloody and circuitous. i saw how the military particular the air force defeated geography. and the successful conclusion was a big factor to allow nato floor of the black sea. the success of the balkan and the success of haiti made people think we could do anything. a transformative moment for me with the first battalion in kuwait march 2004 making
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the overland journey of several hundred miles of fallujah. the battle of fallujah was still a month away. . . diss
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